About Skopje

  SKOPJE – the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia

The 5th Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics SAEM'2014 will be held on June 8-11 2014 in Skopje, the capital city of the modern Republic of Macedonia.Skopje is the most beautiful and the largest city in Macedonia. It is located on the upper course of the Vardar River on the major North–South Balkan route from Belgrade to Athens. Today Skopje is rapidly developing and is continuously changing the appearance.


In the 2,500 years of existence, Macedonian welcoming capital city Skopje has had many differentembodiments. All of them – from Roman to Byzantine, Ottoman to Yugoslav – have left permanent tracesas is evidenced by varied architecture and a mix of cultures. Yet in addition to its strong historicalassociations, Skopje is a forward-looking city offering an abundance of modern amenities and attractions.The highest point in the city had been inhabited since 4000 years BC. In the 6th century, there has been built a fortress which still exists and is recently renewed. Stone Bridge is considered as 'the spice' of Skopje, and witnessing the long history of the city, is a symbol of the official city crest. Updated and repaired manytimes, now it holds the original look.

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Among the most recognisable landmarks of Skopje, is the Millennium Cross on the top of the mountain Vodno (1066 m), on the southern side of the city. The construction is 66 m high, while the legs are 46 m wide. The Millennium Cross has a lift build in, allowing the visitors to enjoy the unforgettable bird-view of the capital of Macedonia. A modern cable car is connecting the Millennium Cross with the city centre.

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One of the most famous citizens of Skopje is undoubtedly AgnesëGonxheBojaxhiu – best known as Mother Teresa. She always considered herself as a daughter of Skopje and a citizen of the world. Today, an object that you cannot help but notice it is the memorial house Mother Teresa, located in the heart of her hometown – Skopje. This is the only place in the world where one might find an exhibition of objects, photographs, and numerous authorized documents of the Mother Theresa sacred life; especially interesting are her birth certificate, hand written prayer book, rosary and crucifixion.

Scrolling the streets in Skopje, one can find sleek modern hotels above the cobblestone Ottoman lanes, outstanding neoclassical houses from old Yugoslav-era and today, red-bricked Byzantine churches and rounded Turkish mosques, chic cafés, modern shopping malls and brightly-coloured new offices.

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Skopje is steadily becoming a vital regional route for international flight operators. The new airport terminal offers to the international passengers high level services. Optimism regarding future Skopje prospects is proving positive and grand, as it may be evidenced by the surge from major foreign investors. The modern city growth can only add up to its long and illustrious history of culture and commerce.

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