• In pursuance with the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia nationals of EU member-states and signatories to the Schengen Agreement may enter into the Republic of Macedonia presenting a valid passport and/or ID issued by the relevant authorities of the member-state concerned
  • Any foreign national possessing a valid multi entry Schengen visa type C (valid for the entire territory of the Schengen area) may enter and stay in the Republic of Macedonia up to 15 days without having to possess a Macedonian visa. The Schengen visa needs to be valid at least 5 days longer than the stay in the Republic of Macedonia permitted on the grounds of holding a Schengen visa
  • Any foreign national, holder of valid travel document of a third country, who is required to have visa for entry in the Republic of Macedonia, may enter the territory of the Republic of Macedonia without having to acquire Macedonian visa, if  the foreigner has a permanent residence in EU or Schengen member state
  • The period of stay is regulated under the issued visa, but is no longer than 90 days; The visa free stay is 90 days, with the exception of Turkey and Montenegro where the visa free stay is 60 days
  • Holders of UN travel documents are not required visas
  • Macedonian visas are issued only at diplomatic consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia abroad.
For more details for each country please see the document below.
PDF Visa regime